Find deShedding tools for cats deShed weekly to remove the loose, dead undercoat from the pet without cutting or damaging the topcoat. Undercoat deShedding reduces the shed hair in all pets and also can help reduce hairball formation in cats. Строк: 3 · The FURminator deShedding Tool for cats reduces shedding up to 90 percent and reduces hairballs. /5( тыс.). FURminator provides grooming confidence. Take your grooming routine into your own hands with The FURminator® Ultimate Hair Reduction System™: Brush, deShed, Bathe and Discard loose pet .
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FURMINATOR LONG HAIR SMALL CAT S Фурминатор для длинношерстных кошек маленьких пород (1 шт)

Furminator Long Hair Cat DeShedding Tool Small. FeaturesSupports the reduction of hairballsThe stainless steel edge reaches deep beneath your cats top coat to. Фурминатор Furminator Undercoat deShedding Tool for Small Short Hair Cats Under Фурминатор FURminator CAT LONG HAIR DESHEDDING TOOL для.

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Our deshedding tools, grooming tools and hair solutions offer a grooming regimen catered to any dog or cat. The FURminator undercoat deshedding tool for cats removes the loose hair from shedding and helps keep the coat dirt- and debris-free.

The tool is specially designed to reach through the topcoat to remove loose undercoat hair and undercoat without damaging the topcoat or cutting The skin when used as directed. The ergonomic handle makes grooming easy, and the Fur ejector button releases hair with ease. Use weekly on cats with double coats.

Brushing and combing are not the same as undercoat deshedding. FURminator undercoat deshedding tool removes significantly more loose hair than a standard comb. Undercoat deshedding removes most loose hair before your pet has a chance to shed it on the surfaces of your home!

Use FURminator pet products for professional-quality, at-home grooming results as part of the FURminator Ultimate hair reduction system: brush daily to detangle and smooth fur; DeShed weekly to reduce shed hair; bathe monthly to clean and deodorize; and collect and discard loose hair as needed.

Direction to use - Step 1- Undercoat deShedding can be performed at any time on a pet with a completely dry coat, but for best results it is recommended to be performed immediately after washing or drying. Step 2 - Before using the undercoat deShedding tool, perform a complete physical inspection of your pet.

If your pet has any of these conditions, seek treatment from a veterinarian before brushing.

Although the Skinguard design prevents digging in at edges and helps the undercoat deShedding tool slide over skin, deep or rough brushing can still irritate pet skin, so avoid brushing with excessive pressure.

If you notice any redness or irritation discontinue use. Step 4 - As undercoat hair is collected by your tool, excess hair can be removed from the teeth of the tool by pushing the FURejector button. Skip to main content.

Consider these available items. Currently unavailable. Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Visit the FURminator Store. Size: Large. Style: long hair - new model. Furejector button: just push the button to release hair with ease. Helps reduce hairball formation: deshedding can help reduce hairball formation because fewer loose hairs are consumed during self-grooming.

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Size: Small Style: short hair - new model Verified Purchase. What I was received was a used furminator. I am extremely displeased and disgusted. This is disturbing. Not to mention unprofessional. Size: Large Style: short hair - new model Verified Purchase. I thought the furminator was all hype.

Sadly, my cats are getting older and their grooming is not as thorough as it used to be. I feel like I brush them but I still find little cat hair tumbleweeds floating around the floor, or my cats have the occasional fur ball.

I decided to try the furminator and see if it could help. All I can say is, its worth the hype. I brushed my cats last weekend until they gave me the "you can stop now" signals. I started brushing one of my cats last night for about 20 minutes and removed a mound of fur that could be used to create another cat off of her.

At no point did she seem uncomfortable, giving me the "stop" signs like pawing at the brush or walking away. I continued to brush her this morning and even more fur came off. The handle is really comfortable, and the brush itself is really effective at removing the hair.

Works great but did take an adjustment period. This thing works great. It is possible to take too much fur, or none at all. I find it best to hold it at a 45 degree angle and do short strokes. If I hold it at a 90 degree angle, barely any fur comes out at all.

My cat did take some time, patience, and a few attempts before he quit trying to play with it and bite. I just let him, this thing is indestructible. To get him used to me brushing him with it, I palmed the head of it so that the handle was out of view as shown and stroked in a petting motion.

That got him used to it very quickly. The lever you push to dislodge the fur works great if you get enough fur on it, otherwise, I had to pick the fur off, but that was my learning curve. What a waste of time!

My cat did not care for the gloves even a little bit. As soon as I laid hands on her, she was outta there. Understandably, I was a bit miffed at having wasted twenty bucks on some worthless gloves. I brushed her repeatedly and she loved every minute.

After some time she would get tired of being brushed, and eventually squirm away, but only after combing up a big hairball. Additionally, she loves the sensation of being brushed with the Furminator. I ordered two "small cat, new model deshedder" tools, one in short hair, and one in long hair.

The boxes were labeled correctly, but both tools are actually small cat, short hair tools. They look completely identical, and I measured both combs and got the same measurements. I really wish there was some information on how long the comb is supposed to be On the official FURminator page, this tool is supposed to be a teal color if it is the current model being sold, and even in stores like Petsmart and Petco where I initially went to buy the deshedder, they are being sold in a green tone.

Some other comments have said they received used, and knock off products too, so I want to be extra careful. Worth the bucks. Helped my heavy shedder. So I went for the Furminator. I brush about min daily, and get about a handful of hair with each session.

His coat looks so much better. I think it even put a little pep in his step!

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